Stearman Wings

We rebuild Stearman wings or wing wood kits, as requested by the customer. We use only Boeing factory drawings, and the original certified materials such as Stika Spruce, Mahagonyclick to enlarge plywood and nails. Rib gussets are die stamped, ribs are built on precise metal fixtures and spars are precision drilled.

If we assemble the wings the steel bolts are replaced. All hardware is fully inspected and steel parts are stripped, Cadmium plated and baked as required. The center section is assembled using a heavy fixture to ensure square assembly. The wing walk plywood is steamed and formed from one piece of 3/16” Mahogany plywood. It is not built of wood pieces. Wing tips are laminated just like the original tips, as per the drawings.

click to enlargeWe also cover and paint wing panels if requested using the Stitts process.

Wing kits include the following:
All wood parts to assemble a wing.
Stika spruce spars cut and drilled with all plates match drilled.
All ribs with root and aileron bay ribs unboxed.
Wing tips laminated and preformed.
Leading and trailing edges, leading edges are made in three pieces.
Lower wing walk plywood is preformed.
Lower wing door nut strip with nut plates installed.
Lower wing door and handle frames.
Also includes all braces, aileron bay formers and misc gussets and braces.
A set of assembly photos and copy of Boeing assembly drawings.

Center section kit includes:click to enlarge
Spars cut and drilled with matching plates.
Ribs and plywood formers.
Trailing edge bow laminated and formed.
Plywood leading and trailing edge covers.
Misc. braces and gussets.
All wood parts required.

More photos from our wing projects:
(click any photo to see the full-size image)

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lower wing rib during assembly
center section in fixture
center section mirror holder
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rebuilt center section
with lower fabric installed
center section conduit
upper wing without hardware
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upper wing finished
except leading edge
lower wing root
and hardware assembly
lower wing walk
click to enlarge        
lower wing varnished